Nationwide Logistical & Installation Services for

Large Fleets of 200 vehicles or more

Our expertise lies in solving complicated logistical issues for our customers. Are your vehicles scattered across the nation and always on the go? No problem! We have the experience and dedication to complete your project by your deadline. 
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Nationwide Service - 200 vehicle minimum

Fleet Rebranding (Sticker/Decal Removal)

Has your company recently acquired a fleet of vehicles that needs new, or re-branded stickers/decals? Let our team of experienced decal technicians take care of the installation and/or removal for you.

We offer nationwide and after-hour services. So no matter where or when you need us, we will be there!

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Nationwide Service - 200 vehicle minimum

GPS Tracker Installation Services

Looking to install GPS Trackers in your fleet of vehicles? Look no further than United Glass Services! 

Our installation technicians come with the experience and professionalism you need to execute your project no matter how simple or complex it may be. 

Our logistical expertise, nationwide and after-hour services make us the perfect solution to complete your project efficiently and effectively.

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